Piacenza – Teatro Municipale

The beauty of the performance of Dance of the Hours from Ponichelli’s, La Gioconda, was an interpertation rich in colour, light and etherealness, rarely heard as such; which provided genuine proof of Maestro Beretta’s talent.


Modena - Teatro Comunale
Il resto del Carlino

The very young, yet successful, Maestro Marco Beretta conducted. He was able to harness his artistic talents to lead the chorus and orchestra with energy and elegance.

Piacenza - Teatro Municipale

Beretta’s is a first class baton…He is a musical master; sensitive, intelligent, accomplished; who knew how to give each programmed piece a perfect interpretation and who succeeded in bequeathing to the new ensemble, what is perhaps most difficult to achieve: Character. That which distinguishes 15Orchestra, when conducted by Beretta, is the elegance with which the exceptional musicians played during the concert.

Piacenza - Teatro Municipale

Vivaldi’s Sinfonia al Santo Sepolcro was the subject of a brilliant reading by Beretta who was careful to capture the colours and the particular timbres of this short yet incredibly expressive and nuanced piece. The musicians of the 15Orchestra Sinfonica di Piacenza ensemble played with a true, spiritual focus which they expressed with a deliberately measured sound, yet another testament to Beretta’s extraordinary interpretative vision.